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Community Minded

This past week I completed a project for a new local store, Simply Nourished. The project was big. It included 4 large mixed media pieces featuring 4 historical photos of our city. Projects like this are exciting to me for a couple reasons. First, the project brought to life history of our city. Second, the project invested into a community-minded business.

The first piece features one photo and is 48X32" entitled "Celebrate".

The second piece was particularly challenging since I needed to incorporate 3

large 24X36" canvases into a triptych that made sense. In addition, I needed to create a composition that included a certain color scheme. The finished product is entitled "Seeds of Yesterday".

What made this project dear to me, was the fact that the business itself is community minded. I love this. To have a business to make money is necessary, but when the purpose of the business goes beyond money and helps a community, I can get behind that type of vision. Simply Nourished features, as much as possible, items that are locally produced. Products include baked goods, coffee, honey, locally grown produce, handmade items and much more.

The owners are a family who recently moved to our city. They are adding to our community. They are willing to take the risk, invest locally, create jobs and feature our city at the same time. They are invested citizens.

Finally, the new store is located in an almost century old building. As an owner of a century-old brick church building, I also love saving beautiful structures. It took much time and effort to restore their old building. The showroom itself is also a comfortable, inviting space with seating to bring people together. I was honored to be a part of this.

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