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"Isolated but not Alone"

We traveled to Venice, Italy in early February. Yes, our trip was right before the pandemic and was in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary. We planned this trip 3 months before our actual anniversay since our daughter was to graduate in May. Little did we know what would shortly take place after our return.

The "Bridge of Sighs" is a famous bridge built hundreds of years ago in Venice linking the Palace to the prison. A convicted criminal was lead across this bridge to the prison with one last view of the beautiful city.

Although the finished image is from Italy, this mixed media piece began with a photo from a ranch in Texas. As I looked at the image printed on the canvas, I began to see lines that reminded me of the famous bridge I had just visited. I applied oils, forming the image of the bridge that lead a prisoner into isolation. Through expressive brush strokes, my message of hope began to form. There is freedom found in isolation. There is a way out and you are not alone!

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