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Pandemic Shows?!?

This is such an unusual year. One of our daughters graduated from high school and has now moved into the dorms. These milestone events were so different from our first 3 children's. All of the events, from the graduation reception, to the college dorm set-up were a bit lonely, and full of uncertainty but we as a family have decided to look at the positive side of things. The same is true for my artist life. All of our shows were canceled this year. I chose to see it as a reset year. I then received an art grant from the Iowa Arts Council which allowed me to continue to work. I also received an opportunity to have a solo show at Clear Lake Arts Center. As the show "Life Layers" was installed in July, a spike in Covid cases forced the Arts Center to close its doors to the public once again. Here's the positive side: Clear Lake Arts Center graciously created a virtual show:

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